3 Keys To Digital Marketing In 2017

Are you searching for the best key digital marketing trends for 2017? When it comes to carrying out digital marketing nowadays, for example, in the year 2017, many organizations face challenges and some even turn to white label Google Adwords services to fulfill those needs. The reason is that most companies place revenue and growth as a priority. Bear in mind that 74% of professional marketers have focused on converting leads to customers, while around half have focused on how to increase traffic to their businesses’ websites.

Another top priority is improving inbound marketing while emerging technologies continue to evolve. Social media, on the other hand, keeps growing as a form of digital marketing. The result is that digital marketing continues to change just as customer preferences. It means that companies must apply digital technologies in their daily marketing strategies. They should also develop skills and knowledge on how to use them. This post gives you 3 Keys to Digital Marketing in 2017.

Live Videos

Bear in mind that online videos account for over 50% of mobile traffic in 2017. That’s as a result of a massive rise in video content creation and video sharing on social media platforms. Consumers are becoming smarter and aware of their digital surroundings, which means that they have the desire to connect to goods or services that suit their tastes.

For instance, platforms such as Facebook Live and Twitter have made it easy for businesses and brands to connect with consumers in real-time through digital marketing. It enables these companies to spread their messages by streaming live broadcasts and promote them in advance. As consumers thirst for video streaming increases, so is the need for video content that’s live.

Expiring Social Media Content

Another key factor to consider when carrying out digital marketing is the amount of expiring content on social media. The reason is that consumption of social media content is rising, and big organizations are monopolizing the market.

Social media platforms are also consolidating, which means that their operations are becoming more efficient in 2017. It means that if you want your business to carry out the best digital marketing, the key factor to success is to remain ahead of the game and keep an eye on any recent changes.

One significant trend that is expected to when it comes to social media content is the amount of expiring content. It means that for you to succeed, your brand or business needs to cut the clutter and noise, which will enable you to get the attention of your target audience without spending large amounts of capital.

In-Store Marketing

One branch of digital marketing that’s expected to be key in 2017 is in-store marketing. That’s because the relationship between online sales strategies and physical ones is expected to narrow.

Smartphones dominate the world right now, for instance, 80% of millennials use the phones in-store while another 74% say that they are willing to receive alerts that are mobile based. It means that one way to optimize your digital marketing strategy is to capture in-store customers using digital techniques.

What to Do

Consider hiring the services of digital marketing agencies. The reason is that they have the best experience and team members who understand the latest techniques when it comes to online marketing.

Make sure you read their online reviews. It will enable you to know their success rate since most happy clients will post their views on the agency’s site.

Check your budget estimates. It will enable you to choose digital marketing packages that suit your type of business and budget estimates.


The above article on the 3 Keys to Digital Marketing in 2017 should make it easier for you to choose the best online marketing strategies. Make sure that you hire the best digital marketing agencies with experience for the best outcome.

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